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"This Vaccine the only best way to terminate the
Covid-19 vaccine death rate study (Chinese version)
Vaccine or no vaccine? Our current study (Why a Higher Death Rate Of Covid-19 Vaccination?) on the after vaccination death event reported from Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System indicates the higher death rate of Covid-19 vaccines (mRNA and proteins) than the regular flu vaccine.

This article gives you some insight of 
The Adverse reaction of vaccines
Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE)
Asymptotic outbreak
Can vaccines protect the variants?
Vaccine design issues- does spike protein a good pick?
Does the viral screening test accurate? Nasal swab PCR and antibody neutralization test? 

Compensation and Assistance of the vaccines
The Compensation
The adverse event reporting system
The data of death rate study

The Data of Death Rate ( up to March 31, 2021)
The data: see the details

Without knowing the correct pathogenesis (the process to generate the signs/symptoms/illnesses), we cannot use the right doses, choose the right drugs, detect the infection, explain the wired symptoms/signs, and prevent the after-effects.

This article gives you
The answer to how Sar-Cov-2 virus get into human cells?
The answer why hypertension is the most co-morbidity chronic disease?
The answer why pre-existing cardiovascular is the risk factor of death and severe injury?
The answer why it is not easy to get a confirmed diagnosis? Even use PCR technique?
The potential answer why there is an unusual combination of neurological symptoms appear? (such as loss of smell and taste, seizure, paranoia, depression, and anxiety?)
The answer why autoimmune illnesses take place? 
The answer why zinc is essential to the defense against Covid-19 infection and lung damages?
The answer why antioxidants prevent symptoms get worsen?
The answer why there is so-call happy hypoxia?
After Covid-19 infection, the patient has time not tolerate stressors ( hunger, emotional, chemicals, work, or infection)?
The after-effects of severe Covid-19 include loss of strength, muscle waste, fatigue, decreased sexual drive, etc.?
The answer of why corticosteroids, dexamethasone, is the treatment of Covid-19?
The answer why hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, is best to use in the early stage of infection?
Do you know that the over-the-counter allergy inhaled nasal spray contains corticosteroids?
Have you been on corticosteroids in the past three months? Examples are Solu-Medrol, dexamethasone, hydrocortisone, prednisone, prednisolone. 
What kind of side effects might you experience if you use the corticosteroid chronically?
​Do you know that chronically take high-dose corticosteroids could induce Cushing's syndrome? Which can increase the chance of diabetes?
Do you know that not enough corticosteroids can cause secondary opportunistic infections, such as urinary tract infections (UTI)?
Do you know that you can only take a high dose of corticosteroid in a short period?
Does your doctor instruct you to withdrawal the corticosteroid by a taper-down schedule? And do you know why?
Do you know that not everyone can be tapered down the corticosteroid by the same schedule? 
Do you on corticosteroid for a long time and could not live without them? Have you heard about " corticosteroid dependence?
 Chronic fatigue syndrome? Do you hear about the HPA suppression? 
Do you know how the doctor finds out if you have adrenal insufficiency caused by chronic corticosteroid use?
Do you know how a doctor can treat your adrenal insufficiency caused by corticosteroid use? How to monitor the side effects? 

This case report can answer all your questions!

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